4 Reasons To Use Fortboxx Inc.

Transform Moving Day!

Thought moving with kids was going to be stressful? Not with Fortboxx in your corner! Not only do we help take the stress out of moving by providing checklists, plans, and helpful to-do information, but here are a few more reasons to use Fortboxx Inc.!

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Women-Owned and Operated Business

When you support Canadian Women-Owned businesses, you’re investing in global women’s economic empowerment, gender parity in commerce, and the growth of the economy overall. Fortboxx is proud to be owned and operated by women, professionals, and parents, who wanted to help improve the lives and moving experiences of other parents in their community. When you partner with us, we all win.

Made With Local Canadian Products

Locally based in Red Deer, Alberta, we are firm believers in supporting local businesses and using locally sourced products and materials. This helps support our own local economy and stimulate growth in our region. Our moving boxes are made in Calgary and our tape is manufactured in Vancouver. Our packing paper is recycled newspaper from our local news office. Canadians supporting Canadians is how we do business!

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Delivered Directly to Your Front Door

Time is the new currency and if you’re looking at Fortboxx, it’s because you already have your hands full with moving and kids. Instead of running around town to collect all the necessary packing supplies, enjoy the convenience of front door shipping! What’s better is we are able to offer FREE delivery on every purchase in Central Alberta, and all orders over $100 in Calgary, Edmonton, Okanogan, and the surrounding areas. 


Makes Moving Fun For Kids

Is the thought of packing and moving with kids keeping you up at night? How will you find the time to entertain the kids, pack up their belongings, manage the move, and do everything for the rest of the household? We understand these anxieties all too well and we’ve got your solution! Fortboxxes make moving fun. Our kid-inspired moving boxes feature castle designs and come with crayons, stickers, activity sheets, blueprints, and a fort flag to complete the adventure. From engaging empty boxes that inspire creativity and provide activities, to motivation to pack and unpack their fort pieces, moving can be fun for you and your kids!

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Take the stress out of packing and moving while you support a women-owned and operated small local Canadian business. Order your kid-inspired moving boxes delivered directly to your front door to experience the convenience that moving should be! Check out our moving box packages online and place your order today!