Getting Your Kids Involved In Moving Can Be Fun

Transform Your Entire Packing Experience With Fortboxx, Inc.

Moving with children, especially ones under the age of 12, can add another layer of difficulty and stress; you have to make sure they’re comfortable and feel involved in the entire process. Our goal at Fortboxx, Inc is to put the fun back into moving, and we have a few easy ways you can easily entertain your children amidst all these life changes. Let us help you calm down all the chaos!

baby yoda in a fortboxx moving box

Turning Packing Into A Game

If you’re worried about trying to get large possessions and family rooms taken down and ready to go, get your children involved to make packing smaller things easier! Increase excitement and comfort in your little ones by finding ways to turn packing into a game. This can be as simple as tossing non-breakable items (like stuffed animals) into a box for points, or taking Fortboxx, Inc’s various moving boxes and creating a sort of obstacle course. Anything you can do to make the process fun allows moving to be an even smoother adventure.

Getting Creative With Moving Boxes

To any child, packing can seem like just another chore their parents need them to accomplish. This is why it’s so important to instead take a light-hearted approach and to make your children feel like they’re really making a contribution. Depending on age, you can get them involved by providing materials to decorate or label all your moving boxes; you can also allow them to personalize their own special boxes that will carry their bedroom or personal items. Make your children feel special by inviting them to help pack or unpack whatever they want!

little girl putting stuffed animals into a box

Deconstructing Large Items

If you’re moving with children that aren’t quite in their teens, chances are they have a large amount of toys and personal items from many Christmases and birthdays. All these will eventually need to fit into a Fortboxx, Inc box, whether it be a small, medium or large one. Consider giving your kids the “project” of taking apart and organizing their larger toys, making sure everything stays together and goes into the same designated box. This is an excellent way to make them feel like they’re contributing and to have them work on their “project” while you focus on other tasks.

Donating Old Items & Buying New Ones

Speaking of toys, it’s possible you’ll want to downsize a bit before getting settled into your new home. It’s also possible there are a few toys or clothes your child doesn’t want anymore or can’t fit into. You can make the packing process more involved by having your child pick out what they don’t want or need, and then putting them into a moving box. Alternatively, you can also have them put items you don’t want into a moving box. The idea here is to take them along to donate everything, and then possibly even take them out to buy something new!

picture of a hat and other items in a box

Make packing moving boxes and officially leaving your old home a fun experience for the kids! Take advantage of Fortboxx, Inc’s moving supplies and try out these activities today!