How To Choose The Best Moving Supply Package For You

Let FortBoxx’s Moving Supplies Make Your Next Adventure A Breeze

You’re just about to move into your new house or apartment; it’s fun, it’s exciting, and you can’t wait to settle into your new place. Fortboxx Inc.’s goal is for you to keep that exact same mindset throughout the entire moving process, eliminating any stress or concerns that typically arise. We make moving fun by giving you our best tips and tricks to pick out the best moving supplies possible, making all your packing as efficient as possible!

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Measure The Square Footage Of The Room

If you’re in the market for moving supplies, the most obvious and critical resources you need are moving boxes. In order to make that decision, however, you first need to figure out exactly how much stuff you’ll need to pack up. Go room by room, and measure the exact square footage of the room you’ll be packing; this important step gives you a solid foundation on how much moving supplies you’ll need and what your final inventory will look like. You can then use this information to see which Fortboxx Inc. moving supply package is best!

Evaluate The Size Of The Items In The Room

Next up is the actual process of figuring out how large all your possessions are, from the smallest knick-knacks to your largest table and chairs. Fortboxx Inc. offers several different moving supplies in order to accommodate all the different types of items you may be packing up. If you have a large amount of books, two or three of our small boxes are ideal to fit them all without creating a package that’s impossible to lift. We are also happy to offer medium-sized boxes for your kitchen, bathroom, or everyday items, as well as larger boxes for your hardest-to-move items and to build a fort! Investigate all your belongings and make a list of what you’ll most likely need.

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Determine Number Of Rooms You Need To Pack

At this point you’re starting to have a better grasp on what moving supplies your adventure requires — great! But things get a little more complicated if you have several rooms to move, including your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and closet. Make a list of exactly how many rooms you’ll be packing up, and use this list to readjust your mental estimate of how many boxes are needed and what sizes. Fortboxx Inc. offers several moving supply package options to accommodate everyone!

Determine The Amount Of Packing Supplies You Need

All the calculations and numbers you’ve accumulated so far can now be used to determine exactly how many moving boxes it’ll take to fit all your possessions. Fortboxx Inc. offers several moving supply packages — complete with hypothetical room square footage — so you can take care of everything all at one. Our Small Package, Medium Package and Large Package each have their own assortment of box sizes, tape rolls, sharpies, packing paper and more!
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Don’t let moving turn into a process your dread and are unhappy with! It’s stressful enough just getting your new home all sorted out — let us simplify the packing part! Browse all Fortboxx Inc.’s moving supplies and view all our package options!