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How to Make Moving Day Fun

5 tips to make moving day more fun

Although moving to a new home can be exciting, the dreaded task of moving can be not so fun. Yet there is always a way to inject some laughter and smiles to any event with a little pre-game prep, on site energy, and a sprinkle of pixie dust. Here are 5 tips to make moving day more fun.

1. Box Decorating Contest (one for the kids)

If your kids are part of your DIY move crew, start moving day off with a decorating contest. Fill kitchen or paint aprons full of craft supplies: stickers, crayons, markers, colourful tape, pipe cleaners, and bingo dobbers. You can use some of your Fortboxx creative pack assets for this, and then top them up with craft supplies you need packed up anyway. Set a timer for a certain amount of time, and set the kids loose on a decoration challenge. In the meantime, get the adults lifting the furniture out of the house. At the end of the timer, have the adults go around and vote on best decorated box. Let the winner choose what take out the kids get to eat for supper that evening.

2. Getting ‘ICED’ (one for the adults)

Nothing beats a good prank to get everyone smiling, and then a drinking prank to boot? Sign me up! Here is how this drinking prank works: one person (in this case the moving host) will hide a bottle of Smirnoff Ice they know the target will find. Hide one bottle per person helping you move. Save the driver’s prank to the day’s end. When the unlucky person finds it they must get down on one knee and chug the whole bottle. Think of creative ways these targets will get hit throughout the day.

3. Make a Killer Playlist and Crank it Up!

Prior to moving day, text everyone and ask them to give you 3 of their favourite songs that pump them up. Use these songs, and your own killer DJ skills to craft up a playlist that you can blast throughout the day to energize your crew. Make a giant circle out of boxes in your largest, most cleared out space and use it throughout the day for an impromptu dance party.

4. Themes, Costumes and a Name Tag Game

Theme the day in a way to fuse the motley group of attendees into a tribe. Introduce those who do not know each other and tell them something they have in common together. Assign people certain tasks. Grab a couple of fun costume accessories, and use them throughout the day as a way to acknowledge everyone and put a smile on people’s faces. Give a crown to Aunt Cathy after she boxes up the entire kitchen by herself, a superhero cape to your friend who pulls up in a truck to save the day, and some neon shades to your brother who busts a mad move on the impromptu dance floor. Over lunch break, hand out name tags and have everyone name someone else a silly name.

5. Dinner & A Toast

After a full day and many loads, it is great to honour those who helped you with a delicious meal. Check out this zesty slow cooker BBQ chicken sandwiches you can have in a crockpot at the new house, or order a serious spread of sushi or tacos or pizza. Get some bubbly and some non-alcoholic sparkling juice and pour everyone a glass. Make one big toast thanking them for their help, or ask everyone to share a moving story from their past and toast in each story as they come.

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