Creative Pack-Moving Supply Kit


With Fortboxx’s Creative Pack Moving Supply Kit, we give you the keystone piece you need to take your boxes from awesome to extraordinary. This Kit Includes:  everything needed to turn your boxes into life size adventures. Included is a tape gun, packing tape, markers, crayons and creative stickers, and our exclusive moving house package with fun activities and games for the whole family .

Custom Add On Package available at checkout.

This Package Includes:

  • Tape Roll × 6

    In stock

  • Marker

    In stock

  • Fortboxx Move Ready Package

  • Tape Dispenser

    In stock

  • Crayons

  • Creative Stickers

High Quality Boxes

Moving can be stressful, so your boxes should be fun. Our printed moving boxes are Canadian made, durable, and are produced to a minimum specification of 32 ECT C-flute (ECT stands for Edge Crush Test). Our maximum gross weight for each carton is 65 lbs.


Our high quality boxes ensure your items will be protected, stay safe, and withstand shipment and storage as you transition from one place to the next. Our moving boxes are easy to carry and stack together for efficient moving and storage.


Free Delivery!

We offer fast and quick delivery in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor including: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer & Central Alberta, Airdrie, Olds, Innisfail, Ponoka and Leduc. Enjoy the ease and convenience with having all moving boxes and supplies shipped to your front door. COVID-19 has changed the way we live. During these uncertain times, we are taking the necessary steps to protect our customers and team members.


  • The package  includes:
    • 6 Tape Rolls
    • 1 Tape Gun
    • 3  Sharpie Markers
    • 10 Creative Stickers
    • Fortboxx Box Fort Flag
    • Move Ready Package
    • 1 Large Box Crayons