Medium Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kit


Fortboxx 3+ Bedroom Medium Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kit is your solution for quality boxes and supplies, and to make your move more fun and less stressful. This package is your best choice for a 3-4 bedroom house, 1200 sq ft – 1800 sq ft. Moving sucks! Your moving supplies don’t have to.


This package includes 72 moving boxes in small, medium and large sizes. It also includes tape rolls, a tape dispenser, markers, recycled packing paper, a box fort flag, stickers, and printed literature with all the tips & tricks you need to pack up your stuff, move safely to your new home, and have a little fun along the way.


Are you a pack rat? Or want to build the biggest box fort ever? Customize your package and order more boxes and supplies to suit your needs with our Custom Add-on Package available at checkout.

This Package Includes:

  • Small Moving Box × 30

    In stock

  • Medium Moving Box × 30

    In stock

  • Large Moving Box × 12

    In stock

  • Tape Dispenser

    In stock

  • Tape Roll × 6

    In stock

  • Markers × 3

    In stock

  • Honeycomb Packing Paper × 2

  • Fortboxx Move Ready Package

  • Crayons

  • Box Fort Flag

the dream team fortboxxes moving boxes stacked wiht yellow background

High Quality Boxes

Moving can be stressful, so your boxes should be fun. Our printed moving boxes are Canadian made, durable, and are produced to a minimum specification of 32 ECT C-flute (ECT stands for Edge Crush Test). The maximum gross weight for each carton is 65 lbs. 


Our high quality boxes ensure your items will be protected, stay safe, and withstand shipment and storage as you transition from one place to the next. Our moving boxes are easy to carry and stack together for efficient moving and storage.


Free Delivery!

We offer fast and quick delivery in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor including: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer & Central Alberta, Airdrie, Olds, Innisfail, Ponoka and Leduc. Enjoy the ease and convenience with having all moving boxes and supplies shipped to your front door. 


With all boxes and supplies shipped to your door, your move is made easier. Moving boxes made easy is what Fortboxx is all about! Transform your move into an epic adventure with Fortboxx 3 bedroom, 1200 sq ft – 1500 sq ft, Medium Moving Box Package.




  • 30 Small Boxes (18” x 14” x 12”)
    • These boxes are ideal for books, knick knacks, picture frames, breakables and heavy items.
    • Also good for your little Fortboxxers so they can then lift their own boxes and share in the joy of packing and unpacking their stuff. 


  • 30 Medium Boxes (20” x 20” x 15”)
    • These boxes are ideal for bathroom personal care items, kitchen, office, living room and den supplies.


  • 12 Large Boxes ( 23” x 23” x 16”)
    • These boxes are ideal for items that are large but light: lamp shades, linens, toys. Remember the secret to the DIY mover is don’t break your friends back.


  • The package also includes:
    • 6 Tape Rolls
    • 1 Tape Dispenser
    • 3 Markers
    • Packing Paper
    • Stickers
    • Fortboxx Box Fort Flag
    • Printed literature to help organize your move, design your box fort, and have some fun.