The Small but Mighty Sandwich Bag

So you sold that house! Congrats Fortboxxer. All of your wonderful Fortboxx Moving Supplies have arrived at your doorstep, and now you are ready to boxx like a boss. So here is a little inspiration from a small little baggy that lives in a drawer.

Did you know? The Ziploc bag was developed in 1968? The original ‘sandwich’ bag was a roll of plastic. So look how far we have come to have such a wonderful multi-use baggy.

Here are some ideas to use the Mighty Sandwich Bag on your move:
Furniture Screws, Bolts & Nuts:
  • As you disassemble your furniture or remove wall art from the walls firstly place the hardware in a small bag. Secondly, seal it and tape it to the item it belongs to. In conclusion, this will make assembly so much easier on the other end.
Jewelry: Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces:
  • Place all small earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in small bags to keep them together.
    • Moreover, if you wrap your necklaces in tissue paper, it will prevent them from tangling in the move.
    • Or even, when planning your outfits for your wardrobe move, you can poke a hole in these bags and hang the necklaces off of the hanger so your outfits stay in one place all together.
Bobby Pins & Hair Ties:
  • Rather than have an explosion of hair supplies everywhere, use these small bags to organize and pack up small items that would otherwise get dropped to the bottom of the box.
Small Kids Toys:
  • Yes, I am talking about those Lego pieces and army men you step on and jump around like some sort of deranged ninja. Pack those one million little pieces up in a baggy.
Sewing Supplies:
  • Safety pins, needles, thread. One million small parts worthy of one small but mighty baggy.
The Dreaded Junk Drawer:
  • This drawer is Freezer bag worthy. Large and in charge, firstly sift through that drawer that has been collecting random treasures. Secondly, place everything in the bag and as you pack up your home, take it with you to return the random items to their proper spots in the new home. Oila!!! In conclusion, new home=the junk drawer no more.
Art Supplies, Office Supplies and Miscellaneous Small Bits & Bobs:
  • From Paperclips to Pens, markers to paints: these handy bags will keep these items together while moving.
Big, Bulky Winter Sweaters:
  • Believe it or not? Weather the Sweater nightmare by firstly purchasing large bags, secondly placing your sweaters inside, and thirdly vacuuming out the air. You will instantly maximize your available space for bulky items such as these. This also works for bedding. Who would have thought?
Margarita Time!

Yes, by this time you are probably well acquainted with the small but mighty sandwich bag, so here is another idea that will help you with your move. The day is over, the kids are in bed, you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea that a Ziploc bag, created in 1968, could have so many uses. So mix up one of our Movers Margarita’s, sit back, rest your feet on the nearest Fortboxx, and let the magic happen. (Stay tuned, for our Mover’s Margarita recipe).

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